Residential Solutions



There are many benefits to security systems. They deter theft, protect your belongings, and most important of all, they protect your family. Whether your looking for a security system or a camera system, we can help ensure you have a piece of mind knowing your family and belongings will be safe each and every time you leave your home, or lay your head down on the pillow. 



Whether you're a music lover and want to hear music in every room, or you just want to play some occasional background music; call us to help you design an audio system of any size. From a single Sonos Play 1, to a complete, distributed audio system, we can design and implement an AV system tailored to you.  From the palm of your hand, or from the sound of your voice, we can help you access your media anywhere in your home, and now easier than ever. 




In today's day and age, video technology continues to advance on a regular basis.  From one central location, we can distribute hi-def video, along with the audio, to any room or tv in your home. 




We specialize in new construction. For many years, we have worked with some of the best home builders in and around Acadiana. We have the experience and knowledge to properly prepare your home's infrastructure for the future, from the beginning.